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Launching: Serendipity Slots
05/05/20203 Min Read — In Personal
tl;dr - you can book 30 minutes with me for free through my 'Serendipity Slots'

I'm trialling free Serendipity Slots, to:

  • keep myself stimulated;
  • increase my exposure to interesting ideas; and
  • use what I know to help others.

Book a slot in my calendar in order to do things such as:

  • pick my brain - do you want some ideas or feedback?
  • ask for advice - can I advance your goals somehow?
  • pitch to me - what great project are you working on?

As of today, I'm trialling something new, 'Serendipity Slots'.

In these Serendipity Slots, anybody can book time in my calendar.

There is, of course, one main caveat. You can't book any slot in my calendar - there are limited slots I'm making available, the so-called 'Serendipity Slots'.

Still, however, I like to think this is a reasonably bold experiment...!

There are two obvious questions that arise:

  1. Why am I doing this? (What's in it for me?)
  2. Why should anybody care? (What's in it for you?)

This post is aimed at addressing the first of these. (I plan to tackle the second in a later post.)

Serendipity, the pursuit of

serendipity /ˌsɛr(ə)nˈdɪpɪti/


the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I believe in the power of serendipity.

Finding the most interesting ideas, people and projects can come from the most unexpected sources, in the most unanticipated locations, at the most unbelieveable times.

However, I don't subscribe to serendipity in a fatalist 'what will be will be' way.

I believe that it is possible for a person to increase their odds of encountering serendipity.

These 'Serendipity Slots' are a method I am trialling to this end.

Can you really schedule serendipity...?

The idea of 'Serendipity Slots' might sound silly - as if I have decided, yes, I am going to have a serendipitous moment next Tuesday at 7pm.

Clearly, scheduling in serendipity into your calendar in that way is absurd. That's not what I'm trying to do!

My goal is to provide a structure which increases my odds of encountering serendipity. The structure I'm trialling is set hours where people can book time with me, for free - hence, 'Serendipity Slots'.

Whilst I'm hoping for some sort of serendipity - and the nature of serendipity is such that I may not be able to predict in advance what this serendipity is - that's not my only goal. (It probably wouldn't be a rational use of time if it was my only goal, since the likelihood of this serendipity is quite small.)

I will consider the following to be successful outcomes of a Serendipity Slot:

  • learning something new;
  • helping another person;
  • meeting someone interesting;
  • having a fun conversation; and
  • refining a thought or idea;

amongst other things that might not even occur to me.

What next?

Serendipity Slots are live...

Book one now, or share with somebody you know!